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  Revolution of wearable devices  
We require a complex system equipment in order to visualize the position and posture of the three-dimensional space. In a compact housing, and Because it is equipped with a battery and a wireless unit and the CPU and sensors, "U-BRAIN Ring" does not require any equipment other than (or smartphone or tablet) PC.
  Output format that is easy-to-use application  
  This ring-type motion sensor, so we signal processing in advance internally, it can be used without application to post-process the data terminal receives. It is a sensor for the application.  
  Data easy to handle  
  The combination of a 15 axis sensor (gyroscope, acceleration, geomagnetism, light, sound, temperature, etc.) and a radio unit realizes integrative package control and measurement.
Moreover, since firmware mounting of the patent acquisition technology is carried out into CPU, high-speed and easy signal processing is possible.
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     Development Kit

The ring type motion sensor "U-BRAIN Ring" can control various applications carried in PC, a tablet, etc. through API by using middleware "U-BRAIN DSM."

You can develop applications by using a development kit that set of ring-type motion sensor as "U-BRAIN Ring" middleware "U-BRAIN DSM".We offer to the target (wearable developers, mobile device developers, video producers, CG creators, such as VR / AR system producers, for example) towards state-of-the-art ITC many areas, this development kit.

Development Kit
  • The system name in a figure and a product name are each development maker's registered trademarks or trademarks. The other company (TM) and the (R) mark do not write clearly.
  • "U-BRAIN 4K Movie" is the name of our video control software. This software not included in the development kit.
  • "U-BRAIN" is a registered trademark of Usuda Research Institute & Systems Corporation.
     Main Specifications TOP ↑
Type name
Body color
Product Name
Ring-type motion sensor "U-BRAIN Ring"
15-axis sensor (position: 6, attitude: 3, orientation: 3, light: 1, sound: 1, temperature: 1)
Microprocessor unit (low power consumption)
Gyro drift compensation, etc. (patented)
Original signal processing (patented)
Wireless I / F
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Corresponding
Communication outreach
10m (maximum)
Ring Size
Inner diameter:19 1/3mm , Circumference:60.7mm
U.S. Size:9.5 , European size:20-21 , UK Size:S-T
Dimensions W×H×D
28.5×37×24.5mm (not including protrusions)
Quiescent current
About 30mA maximum , wait about 100μA
Corresponding software
Video control software "U-BRAIN 4K Movie",
Google Earth, Unity, signal display application "UPLOT", etc.
Corresponding middleware
Supported OS
Windows 8.1/8.0/7/Vista/XP, Android 2.3 or later,
iPhone, iPad scheduled to be supported
Linux, Unix, ITRON Etc.Correspondence possible
Feeding method
Use a microUSB terminal
Built-in battery
Lithium polymer rechargeable battery
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We sell the development kit with which a ring type motion sensor "U-BRAIN Ring" and middleware "U-BRAIN DSM"(CD-ROM) were united.

An order is accepted from our following page. Please click a lower button.
It is also possible for you to connect by a telephone or mail directly and to place an order.

The price fluctuates by the volume of sales.
Please specify the number and charge an estimate.

Moreover, the contents and the question of goods are also received from the page. Please do not hesitate to ask.

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